Tuesday, 15 January 2013

On an 'interim Chairman'

I'm furious. As per the blog title, really.

Most of you will know that my friend Olly Neville was removed by the Ukip NEC as Chairman of Young Independence (YI), because he had been in the media disagreeing with some Ukip policies. Just imagine if the leader of Ukip had been in the Guardian mere days before disagreeing with party policy on drugs. But I digress.

What has really annoyed me is that some Ukip bigwigs have tried to frame the scenario as the NEC removing an 'interim Chairman' who had no democratic mandate anyway. This is bollocks.

The actual situation is as follows:

Former Chairman Harry Aldridge decided to step down six months early, so a younger and more university focused figure could take over. Elections were scheduled by the Council for November.

Two candidates put themselves forward, Olly Neville and Matt Smith (I actually proposed Matt for the job, so it's hardly like I'm an Olly loyalist).

A well publicised election took place, which saw the highest turnout in YI history. This election was all electronic, and was run by an impartial third party, as nominated by the outgoing Council.

*AFTER* the polls were closed, an undisclosed complaint was made to the NEC, probably about the overly aggressive nature of the campaign (it was tame compared to most internal elections).

The NEC, in their wisdom, decided that internal democracy wasn't really that important for us kids, and decided to invalidate the election and postpone it until March.

As the polls had closed, the YI Council knew the result. 

As a consequence of this, and due to Harry Aldridge's continuing desire to step down, the outgoing Council took a decision to co-opt the winners of the invalidated election into the positions that rightfully belonged to them. This decision was overwhelmingly backed by the Council.

So no, bugger off with this 'interim Chairman' rubbish. Olly was rightfully Chairman, elected on the highest turnout in YI history, and you bumped him, because he dared to speak his mind. SHAME.

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